In the world-over, whether large corporates or small grass-root business ventures, which of course entail stakeholders who are buyers and sellers of goods and services, a mutual business relationship gets(has to be) developed overtime. This creates/brings forth an understanding, in the course of business a request and an offer of credit facility which creates debt. The two main stakeholders in business endeavor agree upon time frame of offering this facility (credit) upon which it’s deemed payable. In many cases either by design and ignorance oraccident, the period thereby offered and or allowed elapses/expire without clearance (paying off) this facility. Most preliminary agreements either at on set or upon expiry of the offered duration/period, the facility accrues interest on the principal figure/amount. This makes it mountainous to the recipient to the extent that it becomes much heavier to be paid. On this course of need to offload the drawer (recipient stakeholder), our company/firm got the need to establish a department of debt recovery (collection) on behalf of our clients to bring a solution to them. While many clients loose a big chunk on their operational capital from many unscrupulous traders who are hell-bent on ensuring downfall of others (some) businessmen by pretending to have good business intentions yet at the ulterior mind they have negative/ill motives and hence exploiters, thereby debt creation. We in our firm/company, ensure that we engage these debtors step by step and stage by stage follow-ups till the expected amounts are recovered by our clients.

The debtors are engage in a committal manner and get to understand the history of the debt from both stakeholders, both in records and oral narratives from the drawer and drawee alike. The knowledge is fundamental for the firm officials to gauge on how to commence and handle the matter as each case has “as is” manner of approach.

It has been indicated that we handle each case in a “step by step” and “stage by stage” manner and style. Most cases are mutually and diplomatically worked on until fully sorted while some get to understandably raw levels where upon the clients end up being taken to court and ultimate prayers are sought in court to auction the drawer’s assets/materials for the recovery of the said amount.

We secure and or initiate the court procedures and process on behalf of the client via our lawyers or our clients’ lawyers, but the case remain antagonism between “our client” vis-à-vis the “debtor” and not vis-à-vis our firm. Our firm adds supplementary strength of evidence materials on the case pro our clients and hence greatest chances of winning over the debtors.

Our tariffs are very fair and friendly but remains within professionally leverage margins. Apart from the basic/primary commitment of engagement fee paid at the commencement stage which is as well arguable and agreeable (variable) with our firm/company, every money that is received we charge a commission at the rate between 15 %to 30%. Each case is unique and different on its own way, manner and case and hence differences in tariffs. Each case shall be analyzed, assessed and determined by officer in charge.

The committal history documents must be presented and copies of which released to the company representatives, under contractual agreement signed from Tescom Place Firm and subsequently contractual fee paid before any business starts. These two are compulsorily mandatory.

We assure all clients of a sure service delivery with a maximum decorum. As each case has its own unique nature, there is no fixed time (standard time) for full delivery, however we are very cognizant of time and ensures that we present to our clients written reports on progresses made at every stage as we up the game to the pick end. Our clients range from middle class business organizations and institutions to high level corporates like banks, manufacturing companies, suppliers and contractors among others.

Seek and secure our services soonest as we safely load your security box (bank account) with the debts recovered. WELCOME