Supply & Procurement

When we talk about supply, we first don’t talk of anything but “quality” products in terms of supply provision whether goods or services, the products MUST be qualitative. Defining quality in our perspective is “conformance to requirements or specifications” or further “Quality is fitness for use and or consumption.” Our firm in this regard ensures that during the provision of this service and in consideration to procuring tenders and contracts, we ensure products supplied or services rendered are up to optimum levels of best quality.

In this department, we are open ended as to the level and degree of supply as we fully rely or go by the purchasers’ requirements and specifications. We supply ALL types of goods that are legally permissible in the merchandise world. We equally offer services requested BUT not all services, the services offered are limited to our “service-tech availability and know how existence” in our company arrangements. If the “tech-know how-expertise” is not within our company personnel, then we out-source it and or sub-contract it (request for service), BUT retain the contract/tender within the firm’s overall management to conclusion. This we do by outsourcing the best brains for particular services.

Just to further expand on what supplies and procurement means; supply is the act of providing specified goods and or services of satisfaction to the end user or client herein called customer or purchaser.  While procurement is the act of or process of “successful acquisition of an opportunity” to offer and or provide specified goods or services from the purchaser/client/customer. 

We have various clients in the department ranging from individuals to organization, parastatals, various Government departments etc.

In the manufacturing and production industry, a lot of goods are produced, hence, our company deals in as varied the goods as the overall merchandise goods are produced legally and correctly globally. The locally produced goods are sourced locally while the externally/internationally produced ones are as well imported as per specifications of our purchasers’ orders. We ensure the articulation is well done to fulfill and satisfy our client’s desirable end.

By virtue of dealing with various Government departments, the quality of goods and services we offer and deliver cannot be underestimated. Quality standards are our utmost check-point.

By monitoring some of the industries and organizations, we are aligned to but not limited to be;

  1. Hospitality industry
  2. Office stationary
  3. Educational institutes
  4. Hospital and medication industry
  5. Building and construction industry
  6. Banking and insurance companies
  7. Government agencies
  8. Textile industry
  9. Detergents and cleaning industry

The basic fundamental requirement of a good supplier who we hereby declare as pertinent to and confirm as part and parcel of us and our system are;

  • Meeting promised due dates
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Less waiting time
  • Conformance
  • Serviceability
  • Durability
  • Reliability

In conclusion, this ideal and real world, very few processes completely satisfy all conditions and assumptions required for estimation, however, we at Tescom Place do our Best. Also statistical debates in research based in communities (humanity) are still ranging on the strength and weaknesses of various “capability and performance” indices. Many new complicated capability indices have also been invented and cited in literature. However, the key to effectual use of “process capability measures” continues to be the level of “user understanding” of what the measures really represent. Finally, in order to achieve continuous improvement, one must always attempt to refine the “voice of the process” to match and then to surpass the expectation of the customer/client. This is our motto in this department of supply…..”Refine the voice of the process to match…and then to surpass the expectation of the clients!!!”