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In the Advent of the COVID- 19 pandemic, a local, national, regional, continental and global catastrophe has been pronounced, declared, conceived and registered in the whole populace from the mighty to the lowly and from the old to the young. It has affected everybody without economic and social bias; corona virus has indeed wreaked havoc as it strikes its assailants without notice. With its terrifying existence, the world over, people have been advised to stay at home, work from home and do almost everything at home, keep social distance and avoid movements, social and economic if one is able to. The question is, yes one may stay at home for how long without fundamental basic needs like provision of food, clothing, medication etc.? Thanks to technology that brought about mobile telephony and IT techniques where one can communicate and work online from home.

Herein, a big gap and opportunity that has been brought about if not heightened by the presence of COVID -19. This is the opportunity of cargo/parcel/letters/goods conveyance, forwarding and or movement from one point of dispatch to the other point of need (recipient) as people stay at home to avoid massive interaction by people that creates a potential environment for the spread of COVID-19. As people work from home, official letters and documents must move from point A to B. As people order goods online, goods must be physically transported from their source to the consumers, when goods are manufactured and stored; they (goods) MUST be moved from such points to the markets hence transportation logistics MUST be put in place. These few mentioned facts and truths are here with us and must be addressed.

To properly address this truly and correctly, Tescom Place bought the idea amidst this pandemic to actualize the potential business opportunity that has widened during this pandemic, to BRIDGE THE GAP– between consumers (whom we herein call “recipients) and producers (who we herein call “drawers/donors/suppliers as shall be applicable by the source).

Tescom Place takes the risky responsibility of carrying safely the service of courier delivery that is where our services matter most. When clients stay at home, we present at their door-steps their goods. They only order on phone and or online, call and instruct us where to pick and deliver their goods at our friendly tariffs. Much the same way, if you are a producer and or supplier, just call us to pick your goods and deliver to your clients. In the case of working officers who require documents to be presented to various places, just by putting a call on us, we pick your mails/ documents and deliver them to various points as instructed. We hence do a lot in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by offering these services to our fellow citizens as we function to reduce their exterior interactions and movements.

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