Land & Estate Management

This is a very broad department in this company. In this area we deal with land-conveyancing and documentation processing to the best final/complete end. The sectors/divisions that are topical here in are; sale of land /plots either developed or undeveloped, management and administration of developed properties (assets) leasing/ letting & rent collection and repair and maintenance of developed assets. This department is headed by a very competent and knowledge-rich General Managers with spanning years of experience and expertise in the same field.

a.Land (assets) sale/ purchase:

Tescom Place in this division of this department does transactive involvement whereupon we do marketing (advertisement) for assets on sale on behalf of the owners (clients) and get purchasers (buyers) for various assets. Before we put on market any property on sale, sourcing for buyers and having made/signed binding contracts between ourselves and the owners (vendors), correct and legal due diligence is done on the legal land offices to establish the properties status i.e. ownership, incumbrances, any legal attaches and or authority’s (Government) standing orders, injunctions etc. once we have authenticated on all these and findings are clear and positive, then we engage our marketing gears and various platforms which include but not limited to intercompany  marketing- where we involve and or share with other companies of the same kind(property firms) what properties we have for their client-base inquires, put adverts on the daily Newspapers and periodic journals (editions), radio commercial adverts, various online marketing platforms, Roadside sign-posts, open air/public connection by our marketing staffs by distribution of brochures/ hand-leaflets amongst others. In purchasing, we receive various orders from various clients and put/record the purchasing inquires in our “Purchase order Data base” for safer reference. Once we have got requests (inquiries) placed by clients we check into our own sale properties data we have for sale, if what is requested is with us then we invite the client instantly for due process, if it’s not with us then we engage our marketing and sourcing team to look for it (order) which we only give forty eight hours for ultimate success of getting the required ORDER. This link and network is very good as its well-networked nation-wide. Request for any property anywhere in Kenya and we shall surely deliver in a timely manner.

b. Management and administration of assets:

This division involves handling of Assets that have periodic returns in productions Viz they produce income. This is where we lease and or let the said Assets/ properties for financial generation. The Assets to be leased and or let are farmlands,(Agricultural),open yards for  various commercial production,(or social functions) plots / lands for industrial production, whilst the developed ones to be leased /Let are  such as,   godowns and silos, commercial buildings, and residential buildings and or houses.

Contracts are signed where upon the company is bestowed with full-legal powers and mandate to act on behalf of the owners to collect all-revenues (income)that are produced therein and transmit/deliver the same to the owners as and when agreed upon within the contractual document after deduction(subtraction) of the management fee levied thereon-in conformity to the contract terms.

The positive side of this division is that it gives relief to our landlords and or estate developers who after toiling to acquire their assets (developed or undeveloped) gets reprieve of further stress by relaxing as they enjoy their rental returns hustle free without further engagements with the tenants and or leases whose work are left to us, the collection firm. The business of rent-collection is very tough and involving quite a lot BUT we are up to the task and surely deliver to our best level.

On the side of tenants we have a friendly and harmonious way of engaging with our tenants. In this sector of tenants, within this division we value our tenants most highly as they are our source of income, being the revenue (rent) disseminators. We receive and consider the tenants sincere requests on rent-related issues.

We as well agree with the tenants on their regular pay-days that favour their income-dates before we levy any charges on delays after that agreed date. In this manner we remain honestly truthful and firm to our tenants as this has made us have harmonious relationship with tenants while also being successful in financial delivery commitments with our landlords.

Our management fee percentage is very friendly and variable in correspondent with the asset in question. We first asses and or establish various facts before we agree on the collection fee. One major factor is a guiding doctrine in determining the fee levied – that is the “smaller/lesser the individual unit production in a block/building, the bigger/more the fee/commission/percentage to be charged”. NOTE: This policy must be clearly understood and not misconceived as it doesn’t generalize the whole income/revenue production BUT stresses and or identifies on the particular units per block/asset dependable on partition units per case.  The final subsector in the division of management of assets is where we handle the moveable assets. These involve mostly “Automobiles and machinery & equipment”.

In automobiles we have such properties as tractors for ploughing, harvesting, transportation and the likes. We also deal in private vehicles for hiring and we also deal/ have public transport vehicles which we have a serious subsector within this division and ultimately under the department of property management that delivers so well.

All these are moveable income-revenue generating assets which we competently and ably manage on behalf of the owners upon agreeing and securing an agreement on clear terms of contract that is spelt differently from the fixed assets terms. In this sub-sector, each case has its own unique challenges and uncommon details of operation and hence a case-by-case terms of contract that befits each condition and status. The clear information to be herein dropped in general is that the cost/charges/fee of managing moveable assets is reasonable higher than the cost of managing fixed assets. This is because they tend to be more expensive to run/and or manage, the risks and challenges they have inhibit are relatively higher and hence exorbitance.

IT HAS TO BE NOTED that in ALL management related matters/issues, ALL documents of OWNERSHIP,AUTHORITY TO HANDLE(REPRESENT) must first be produced to the head of department or company legal department to ascertain and certify Authority and legality of ownership before signing of any contract papers to handle and or be partaker in such businesses. This is noteworthy in protecting our credibility as a company, securing and involving clean and correct business devoid of any malpractices as fraud, scams, forgeries and inconsistencies common with cartelists and fraudsters which would invite legal tussles that waits in the offing. So if you present yourself to us, check yourself first as we DON’T entertain fraudsters and imposters at all.

c. Repair and maintenance of assets;

In this division, our final part in land and estate/property management is the sector of repair and maintenance of the assets under our management. Whether fixed or moveable assets, ninety nine (99%) percent require some level of repair and maintenance. Where case is on buildings and houses we have a subsector team of qualified building personnel in every specialized areas and or parts/sectors of the building i.e. masonry, Electronical, plumbing,painting, carpentry and fitters etc. who handle the cases of such nature,  whether out-soured or internal, the division head led  by manager ensures that the repair is satisfactorily accomplished. We don’t need to be hand-managed by landlord and or landlord’s representative, as our performance in this regard is uncompromisedly perfect. The costs of doing this ,as spelt in the contract document, is caretaken by the company, but levied on the landlord as it remains, his/her expense. All costs /expenses incurred shall be reflected always in the “LANDLORDS MONTHLY STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT”. We spend as minimum standard as possible as this department is completely deficient of landlord-exploitation on financial resource and ensures a job is well-done.