Human Resource Consultancy

Human resource is the brain power behind all production, whether by machine and or IT integrated, there must be existence of an operator behind the scenes or within the scenes. Our company has a department that deals with human resources. In this we are contracted to source for various companies the best brains for their companies. These companies give us their outlined requirements and expectations of the positions they have and the nature of the job. Then our able Human resource secretariat does advertisement, interviews prospective employees and fills the requirements of our various clients. On the same category we also take contracts with various companies that outsource unto us some departments within their organizations where upon we hire our own contracted staffs to deliver and or render the services deemed relevant and correct to the firm. The staffs being ours, are taken care of and paid by our firm though their geographical place of work is our client’s place. In this case /department as well, we have secured quite a good number of clients and project more.

Our able “Human resource secretariat “is also hired to be part of an interviewing organ/body of various clients to help in presenting/drawing relevant and correct “interview questionnaires “in aiding of the planned/projected ,interview session by the client.