Courier Services

This is one of the main business activities that are rendered at Tescom Place. This involves delivery of parcels to various places from points of dispatch (collection points) to receiving ends (destinations). Our core value in this department is to affirm to our clients an assurance of the “Safety” of their parcels and documents and “timely” delivery of the consignments within our touch and care. Tescom Place courier department is well intended to complete the circle of modern-online trade as a significant character/participant of delivering goods transacted by people on-line at their door-steps, easening business involvement to these (such) traders.

Operation and Equipment:

The firm is well-equipped with automobiles efficient enough for timely delivery of parcels. The staffs in this department and sector of parcel deliveries are linked to central tracking system gadgets in the office for enhanced assurance on the safety of the parcels and or consignment of clients as well as staffs’ security and safety.


So far our client-base has overwhelmingly grown well and positively as we have contracted quite a number of corporate organizations, some of them being major insurance companies in the country, Banks, Real Estate Managing and developing companies, hotels, financial Investments companies amongst others as we aspire to contract more.


In our courier services we have a vision of being the most integrated courier and errands firm in the nation-wide service delivery with a goal of serving our customers in a timely manner and ensured safety of the consignments in our possession.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller in the courier department that is currently the undoing in online trade. Tescom Place also wants to eliminate infidelity in the industry where documents and consignments do get destroyed and or adulterated before reaching destined clients.