Commercial Marketing Services

This is where we are involved or contracted by various companies to do product and service awareness to various customers or get-markets on their behalf. This is as well called “advertisements marketing” for the clients. We have a well-organized marketing system and a large team headed by Marketing Executives who run this show. As an agency of its own in the company, various clients are contracted where marketing is done at various levels and to variable targeted markets. These includes but not limited to road shows, (at market centers) marketing barazas, at events or gatherings, in churches, and open air markets, newspaper advents.  At advanced stages, do on behalf of our clients, secure commercial advertisements contracts on TV and radio stations.

This department is also headed by General Manager, has a number of divisional Managers and is equally a large department in our firm. In this sector we don’t buy the saying, ”A good wine needs no bush”…   But we encourage and advocate for the saying… “Light your candle and put on a table for the world to see!” Welcome to the Tescom Place, department of commercial marketing and we shall expose you to the world (clients) to be seen, reached and contacted or contracted for your business success!!

In a nut-shell, Tescom Place would be proud and happy to associate and partner with you as a fellow in economical and or social developments. We wish also to alert and inform you that we abide by the authorities requirements on legality, safety, health and environmental policies, terms, regulations and or requirements as so consulted in law.

When it comes to advertisements, we have our own internal mechanisms as we have a department which as well offers/ does the marketing services.

The teams of various departments are autonomous, under various General Managers, but co-ordinates well in a network teamwork, ALL super–headed by the Director as an overall-in-charge of all co-ordination work where called upon from time to time.

Our clients’ portfolio is very large, as large as the departments, and we continue to source for more and more to infinity. Note; “The clients/ customers are our source of power and energy to exist and hence the consistency of constant pursuit”.