Commercial Business Management

In this department, Tescom Place endeavors to relieve our investors and clients off the burden and load of running their established business on a daily basis. The clients who in this case we regard as the investors, having established or planning to invest their financial resources, do get into legal contract with us to take over the management of such business and do the administration or initiate and establish desirable business on their behalf and do full or complete management. Financial resources from the clients (investors) are very precious; the human labour and knowledge resources are equally precious too. When these two vital resources are combined, the blend becomes a formidable force to reckon. With the application of business principles of management, success or gain remain our only strategic destiny of purpose, whilst the say in business you expect “profit and loss”, our motto in this department is that “loss” is not at all an expectation amidst our best brained team BUTan accident!!! Hence when you contract us, be sure of profit at all costs butconsider a loss as an ACCIDENT that befall us that must be overcome.

As mentioned earlier, Tescom Place commercial business management department simply put runs ALL type of business of whichever nature/level from the smallest to the largest in terms of business scale on the behalf of the investor or owner. We would further mention that, a client or investor may have the financial muscles to invest BUT, lacks the idea of what type of business to he/she would want/like to invest in, We as the firm, just get into our business development incubators and select various options and float/present it to our client for selection or choice. Once chosen, we establish it procedurally. Where the client has a very open mind and whereby any choice of our own will be preferable without specificity, then our firm would decide and determine which idea would be picked and transformed into physical reality.

Tescom Place in this area considers three factors;

  1. A case of an already established or running business.
  2. A case where an investor has specific idea that he/she wants to be implemented (armed with financial resources and ideas)
  3. A case where the investor has only the financial resources and no idea no running business.

All the categories above are well taken care of by strong team that would pick and receive you from your point of case, holds your hands and drives you all through to your unimaginable highest level of success or achievement ever attained in one’s life. Tariffs vary as per case by case.

Case one above calls for management fee which is permanent or consistence periodically depending on the business management structure and complexities of the management therein, plus a file opening fee which is charged once depending on the capital amount invested.

In case two (where an investor has specific idea), the client or investor, other than the terms expected of case one above, shall add a fee of “Establishment Cost” while all other factored cost above are retained . This “Establishment cost fee” is an additional payment herein. This is purely because during the preparatory moments of creating, processing and making various business arrangements for its implementation, a lot is incurred in terms of time, knowledge, labour and expertise amongst others.

In case three, other than the file opening fee, management fee and Establishment cost(where the investor only has the financial resources and no idea nor running business, Tescom Place shall, upon analysis, verification and comparison on investment suitability……….get into the company’s “investment incubation box” and pick or select one idea that shall be sold to the investor, price of which , shall be agreed upon by the technical team of incubators for onward implementation by the company on behalf of the investor.

In a nut-shell, our purpose, mission and call in this department is to ensure that the investors relax and refrain from the tension and stress of the running of the business. All we need is that our good clients’ keeps cool and healthy as money trickles into their bank accounts and or identified investors keep growing their fortune and wealth!!!

We do a legally written contract of “commercial management” dully represented and or done by our legal department and our appointed attorney who shall guide and protect ourselves, the business and investor/clients. In summary and quote “Business is no business without putting business into good business investment for ultimate greater business returns, rewards and gains”!!